Spitalfields, E1 (via Spitalfields Life)

L. Hill Veneers Ltd. Gt. Eastern St, E1. Image credit: www.spitalfieldslife.com

L. Hill Veneers Ltd. Gt. Eastern St, E1. Image credit: http://www.spitalfieldslife.com

Has it really been over two years since I updated this blog? Yes. Yes it has. Sad but true. But I was spurred into action after blossie33 on urban75 kindly pointed out two excellent tip top no.1 quality 01s on the equally excellent Spitalfields Life blog.

I have shamelessly stolen one, to embed in this post, but I would urge you to head over to the original article, to see the other, amongst a delightful ragbag of vintage and antiquated signage.

Photo taken: unknown

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Michael’s Meats/The Baron Menswear, Brixton

Michael's Meats, Brixton

Another oldie but goodie from urban75. This time kindly contributed by uk benzo. And this one is a bit special, not only a punchy, unapologetic 01 from Michael’s Meats, but a cheeky implied 01 sneaking in on the left, from The Baron Menswear. Doesn’t get any better than that. And the cherry on the cake? Both signs are still visible on streetview.

Photo taken: 28th August 2010

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Goldcrest Insurance Services, Lea Bridge Road

Goldcrest Insurance Services

Catching up with some old… OK, very old contributions. This one from marty21 on the urban75 boards, back in 2010. Thanks marty!

If you look closely at the sign, there are two implicit 01s, nestling snugly in their shield insignias. Nice.

Sadly, a check on streetview confirms that this sign is no more.

Photo taken: March 2010

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New Jet Set Dry Cleaners, Stoke Newington

New Jet Set Dry Cleaners

Another pic from Nik, again from way back in 2012. I may be lazy, but never let it be said that I ever delete any emails.

Similar to the last post, it’s gladdening to see that this sign is still on view via Streetview.

Love the dynamic italic header font, and the bold, modern red text. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this sign, so why replace it?


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Zuhtu Bros International Auto Parts Centre, Newington Green Road

Zuhtu Bros

A new post! Huzzah!

Featuring a photo kindly sent to me by Nik, way back in, um, May 2012. Look, I’ve been busy, OK?

And pleasingly, three years on, it looks like this classic 01 is still in place. Or, at least, it was the last time the Streetview car went past.

Photo taken: May 2012

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Oh, my poor, neglected blog.

I blame my son. I have no time to do anything since becoming a father.

I have a large backlog of images, which, god-wiling, I will start to add soon. Yes.

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Aden School of Motoring, Upper Tooting Road

Aden School of Motoring, Upper Tooting road

6th photo from Scott. How can I ever thank him enough. Perhaps if I had gone to the Dot-approved Aden School of Motoring, I would have passed my test in one attempt, not the four  it actually took me.

Photo taken: 20th April 2012

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